Smoke-free Homes Network – Meeting 4

The Smoke-Free Homes Network (SFHN) Malaysia held our 4th meeting on Tuesday 8th June 2021 from 7am-10am (UK) (2pm-5pm Malaysia)

This sandpit event was attended by approximately 20 members and provided an opportunity to discuss potential future work on research, policy and practice relating to smoke-free homes in Malaysia and globally. Delegates were asked to spend time prior to the meeting identifying potential funding opportunities and thinking through what research they would like to see happening in Malaysia in the next 12-24 months. Those working in policy or practice were asked to think of how they could best work collaboratively with academic researchers to develop their work.

After some introductions to let the network learn more about each other, we heard a summary of progress on the MyFamily MySmoke project from Dr Emilia Abidin (co-PI) particularly in relation to the measurement of SHS in homes of study participants and the plans about creating a media advocacy campaign to encourage smokers to create a smoke-free home. This complete, we moved to three sandpit groups to engage in small group discussions that focussed on three key questions for the future.

  • What research would you like to do or see on SFHs?
  • Or if you work in policy or practice do you have an opportunity to work with researchers on SHS?
  • News/idea or upcoming activity in 2021/22 (including potential funding)

The results of our ‘jamboard’ discussions are available online and reflect the range and depth of the topics and ideas for future work beyond the life of the current study. A future SFHN Malaysia meeting was scheduled for the completion of the project to provide the final results to partners in January or February 2022 when the videos from our advocacy campaign will be available.

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