The Smoke-Free Homes Network (SFHN) launched in May 2015. The SFHN is a working arrangement of academic, Health Board and Third Sector institutions with a common interest in increasing understanding of the potential benefits of reducing exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke (SHS) within the home. The partnership will drive forward work under the following five areas:

The network seeks to have a wide range of expertise. Network members will collectively provide multidisciplinary expertise including  SHS measurement, qualitative research, clinical medicine, health behaviour change, health psychology, health economics, communication, advocacy and policy in NHS Scotland, the Scottish Government and NGOs. 

The SFHN would seek to promote rapid knowledge exchange within the participating groups and to facilitate work relevant to smoke-free home research. The network will work together to identify funding opportunities to further enhance scientific and practical knowledge about SHS exposure in the home and how this may be reduced.  

If your organisation would be interested in working with or joining the SFHN, please contact us.

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